Our jewelry designers work with you to design beautiful custom jewelry in-store.  


Our experienced jewelry designers and goldsmiths will work with you to design a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry to be enjoyed for a lifetime! Stop in to our store to receive a free estimate for what options we can provide for your jewelry needs and to see examples of our capabilities! Appointments are not required but are recommended, and can be made by calling 410.768.6400 or filling out our contact form here


At your request, we can re-purpose any existing diamonds, gemstones & gold into your new design to save you money or to preserve sentimental memories. We can work with you to save and re-purpose old or damaged jewelry, family heirlooms and provide you with options to create a unique custom designed piece! Examples include:

  • creating a brand new replica of the original piece
  • creating a hybrid piece that includes elements from the old/original combined with new elements
  • using the original piece to inspire a completely new design


Trust is big with us. Having our clients feel comfortable entrusting the task of repairing or refurbishing their precious jewelry items with us is a top priority! Our staff will happily walk you through any processes that will be performed on your jewelry and make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the completed jobs.